Nia Vardalos Too ugly for a lead role, too skinny for a character actress?
This month, the comedy “My Big Fat Grek Wedding 3” will be shown in Polish cinemas, in which Nia Vardalos will return to the role of Tola Portokalos. In an interview with Movie Maker magazine conducted before the strike began, the actress talked about her beginnings in Hollywood.

Too ugly for a lead role, and too skinny for a character actress?! Nia Vardalos on her beginnings in Hollywood

Nia Vardalos’ story paints a picture of an industry that is ruthlessly trying to fit everyone on today’s narrow beauty list. The actress talked about her beginnings in Hollywood and her unpleasant experience with her first agent.

Sometimes I am portrayed as a very strong person who was rejected by Hollywood and thus created its own story. In fact, it hurt me when my race and appearance were an issue. I never thought that the way I looked could harm my career. So he hit her She said, referring to the agent at the time, Because look how it turned out.

The actress continued:

My agent told me I wasn’t pretty enough for leading roles and not fat enough to be an actress. People weren’t even surprised by that. They said, “Oh yeah, my agent told me the same thing. I knew this story and the negative energy of it was going to pull me down. I had to turn this experience into something positive, so I borrowed a friend’s computer and wrote the script for my big Greek wedding.”

Watch the trailer for the comedy film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

“My Big Greek Wedding” in 2002 unexpectedly won the hearts of viewers around the world. In America alone, this small-scale production has grossed more than $240 million. It was a record-breaking hit in independent film history at the time. Watch the promo for the third part, which will be on screens soon:

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