Box Office USA: Spider-Man has regained its leadership position.  "Avatar" in danger?
Like every year, movie theaters lost to American football. The three big novelties were not able to attract viewers to the cinemas. It took less than $9 million to take first place. However, studies hope that two new products (“Death on the Nile” and “Marry Me”) will go on sale tomorrow, when Valentine’s Day falls.

In this case, the most important information is the result of the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” program. According to Sony estimates, the movie grossed $7.2 million last weekend. This means that in total he has $759 million in his account. So there’s no doubt that in a few days (or maybe Monday actually) the Spider-Man movie will ascend to the podium at the biggest box office in America. Avatar is currently at number three, with combined revenue of $760.5 million.

Meanwhile, she took the new top spot in the weekend rankings of “Death on the Nile”. The film grossed $8.7 million over the weekend. So why was it listed as $12.8 million as an opening score? Well, the proceeds from Wednesday’s specials were added, which took place in IMAX theaters and other big cinemas.

Even this combined number is more than half that recorded in Murders on the Orient Express in 2017. And you have to remember that the budget for Death on the Nile was almost twice as high. So it’s now the third major failure of the year (previous failures were: “355” and “Moonfall”). It may be Disney’s consolation that viewers liked the movie somewhat. In CinemaScore, he got a B, so there is a chance of a good score on Valentine’s Day.

The second is “Marry Me”, a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez. This film was unable to compete for a Super Bowl viewer and grossed $8 million a day. This is a modest result, even if you take into account a budget of 23 million. However, for Jennifer Lopez’s films, this still meant an improvement. The previous comedy – “Now or Never” – opened for $6.4 million.

The third new release is aimed at male audiences who weren’t thinking of visiting movie theaters this weekend. No wonder, then, that “Blacklight” and Liam Neeson debuted with a net worth of $3.6 million. This is openly similar to what Neeson’s other films witnessed at the height of the pandemic, when many theaters were closed: “The Marksman” ($3.1 million), “The Honest Thief” ($3.6 million).

The number of cinemas showing “licorice pizza” has increased by more than 1,100. This is the result of the Oscar nomination. It also contributed to an increase in the number of tickets sold. As a result, the film returned to the top ten with $0.9 million.

Box Office USA Feb 11-13 Top 10

# Title Happened over the weekend got in total A week on screen Cinema
1 Death on the Nile $12.8 $12.8 1 3280
2 ass forever 8.05 dollars $37.42 2 3653
3 marry me $8.0 $8.0 1 3642
4 Spider-Man: There is no escape from home 7.15 dollars $759.0 9 3300
5 black light $3.6 $3.6 1 2772
6 sing 2 $2.95 USD 143.39 8 2831
7 moon fall $2.85 $15.15 2 3446
8 Scream $2.84 USD 73.18 5 2619
9 Licorice pizza $0.92 US $13.99 12 1977
10 King’s Man: First Mission $0.43 $36.75 8 900

Next weekend we’ll see if there’s room in American cinemas for two films with Tom Holland, because “Uncharted” will be widely released. The second major show will be the comedy “Pies” about a quartet of post-traumatic stress disorder, in which Channing Tatum also starred.

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