New update from Apple.  What has changed?

Do you have an apple-themed device at home, such as an iPhone, iPad or MacBook? So, it is very likely that you can now download the new firmware version. It is best not to wait too long. Why?

What new features do iOS 17.3.1 and other versions of Apple software offer?

Mostly spots Focus on device security and on Improvement version 17.3.1 was released a few days ago. It turns out that the previous update was not without flaws, and one of those flaws that was particularly annoying for Internet users was the repetition of already entered text.

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The same daemon is currently being removed on iPads and MacBooks – here in Sonoma software version 14.3.1. Is it worth downloading the new firmware version? definitely. Especially if the device is still running, for example, iOS version 17.2 or 17.1. Since then, many have emerged in the industry Mobile threatsWhich can affect the security of your device.

When will there be big changes in iOS?

iOS 17.4 will almost certainly be a precursor to the implementation of innovations We expect The beginning of spring. This is likely the version of the software from Apple It will allow installing apps (in Europe only) from outside the App Store.

However, it is supposed to be a real revolution iOS 18. We expect the platform to be officially introduced in early fall, along with the next generation of iPhones bearing the Bitten Apple logo.

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