Is it worth buying a smart TV?  5 things a seller won't tell you

The most frequently used TV function is the ability to watch TV channels available through the connection of terrestrial TV, satellite or cable channels. Until recently, this sentence was true, but now the hardware capabilities are much greater, especially when it comes to TVs with Smart TV.

What is smart TV? Thanks to this function, you can not only watch content that is available on streaming services, such as Netflixor Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max, but you can also browse the web, check news on social networking sites, and even install additional apps on your TV, including games.

It is enough to familiarize yourself with the offer of any electronics store to see how huge the assortment of Smart TVs is. The main difference between them (aside from the name of the manufacturer) is the operating system.

Tizen, WebOS, and Android. Which smart TV would you choose?

  • Tizen – This operating system is available on Samsung TVs. It features simple operation, and provides access to most streaming platforms. However, you cannot use the voice search option in Polish.
  • webos – Users of LG TVs can use this software. Some of the advantages of WebOS include: Speed ​​and intuitive operation. The downside, however, is access to fewer apps than in the case of Tizen or Android systems. There is also no way to password protect the HDMI inputs.
  • android It is a very popular operating system used by brands like Sony or Philips. There are many additional apps available in the Google Play Store. Android is compatible with all Google services.
  • Veda – It is a new system introduced in TVs by the Chinese manufacturer Hisense, which is trying to conquer new markets, including Polish. The problem with the system is that it only makes international applications at the moment. It is pointless to search for Polsat Box Go or Player there.

The decision on whether the choice will fall on Tizen, WebOS, Android or VIDAA will translate into, among other things, access later (or not) to specific applications, as well as to the convenience of using the Smart TV.

Which operating system is supported by a particular device is not the only issue worth paying attention to when choosing a TV with Smart TV. What else turns out to be important?

  • diagonal screen – It is not always the case that the larger the diagonal, the better the experience, for example from watching movies. A TV that is too big can cause problems, especially in small rooms.
  • the decision – The most common available solutions are TVs with Smart TV in Hi-Vision, Ultra HD and Full HD resolution.
  • Matrix manufacturing technology – LED or OLED.
  • energy class – From A to Z
  • screen format Flat or curved.

Which smart TV is worth choosing? There is no single answer – the choice of a particular model should be based on both individual preferences and financial capabilities.

You don’t need to invest in the latest TV model to enjoy additional functionality. How to make an ordinary smart TV? It is enough to purchase the appropriate adapter for your device. However, it will only work on TVs that have HDMI or Bluetooth inputs.

Thanks to the small gadget, within a few moments you can access applications from the Google Play Store (in the case of devices running on the Android platform), as well as popular streaming or multimedia platforms stored on mobile devices.

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