New research shows that the development of artificial intelligence raises a lot of concern

Above image source: Unsplash / Ryoji Iwata.

Maybe AI isn’t there yet Very well Like Lewandowski in football but he adapts to it Recognition people on the streets or swimming pools In the service of the tax office. Artists worriesOthers choose it as president In the company. What does the general public think of artificial intelligence?

scientists z Kazanowski University And the Tokyo Commissioned by a Japanese analytical company Cross Marketing Inc. Conduct a study on the populations of Japan, Germany and the United States In June 2021 (Results published in September 2022) in four different scenarios:

Scientists have been interested in people’s approach to AI on issues such as ethics, law (also related to politics), and social issues. (consisting of cultural and religious aspects or traditional values). About 1,000 people in each country between the ages of 20 and 69 took part in the study. The number of women and men was the same. The demographics of countries were also taken into account.

The researchers detailed trends and general trends. 17% of respondents have a very positive opinion about the development of AI research. In contrast, 22% were extremely negative about it. On the other hand, 61% were neutral about it.

Based on the results obtained, and people’s attitudes towards artificial intelligence from a legal, ethical and social point of view, the scientists came to the following conclusions.

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