New information after the scandal about coach Legia.  “They are scared, they don't want to talk about what happened.” Football

The silence in the locker room and the bustle of the bus – that’s how it was after the match Legia Warsaw In block (0:1). Another defeat had serious consequences: Marek Gubivsky quit his job, angry fans stormed the club bus and attacked the players. The police intervened.” Journalists from, Davut Simcak and Bartomeg Kubic wrote on Sunday.

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Legion legend unequivocally: He’s guilty of chaos. “This is not a disaster. It is a scandal.”

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Sebastian Staszewski from Interia was the first to report the fight with fans on Twitter. According to his information, the Warsaw fans followed the coach with the players and then went inside, giving the players “justice”. Many legions were supposed to suffer in this event.

According to our information, fans waited for an ambush. One group is on the next bus on the road, the other – at the Legia Training Center in Książenice. There were also police at the training center, but the attack was supposed to happen soon. The fans were supposed to run out of the woods and climb onto the bus, where they shouted, cursed and demanded more involvement. Our information shows that at least a few players have suffered. including a. Maher Emreli, but also LokenhasHe is one of the few players you can have the least objections to in recent weeks.

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New information about the accident on the coach Legia. ‘It took a very short time’

New information about the scandalous incident was revealed by Staszewski from Interia. According to him, Lokenhas and Emreli were injured. – I managed to contact some players Legia Warsaw. They’re scared, they don’t want to talk about what happened (and don’t be surprised). According to their reports, fans hit at least two players laws: Mahir Emreli and Luquinhas – Staszewski wrote on Twitter.

According to the portal, Rafa Lopez was also attacked. “Brazilian Lukenhas, who should have covered his head in ice, suffered the most. Everything took a very short time, because the police were already on their way there. The players had to hear threats against them and they were lucky to do so. The officers were heading to There “- we read.

After Sunday’s game, Legia still has 12 points, which is the same with Warta Pozna, but they are relegated to last place in the table because their goal balance is worse. And although at the end of the season it is the direct matches that count first, and Legia won this first match with Warta 2-0, now Warta of Legia can be divided not only by goals, but also by points, because on Monday he will play with the Poznan team Olsk Wroclaw.

– I congratulate Wisła on the win and maybe that’s it… I don’t want to say much – said the coach at the post-match press conference Marek Gołębiewski. He was no more gossiping in the locker room. He briefly informed the players of his resignation. He had been thinking about it for several days. The eighth defeat in 11 matches confirmed his belief that he would not get the team out of this complete collapse.

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