The referees made a huge mistake in the Portugal-Uruguay match.  Don't know the rules?  M

Portugal defeated Uruguay 2-0 on Monday evening to qualify for the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar. The Portuguese goals were scored by Bruno Fernandez, who hit the net in the 54th minute The 90th minute meetings.

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Referees made a huge mistake in the Portugal-Uruguay match? This drawing leaves no room for doubt

The Manchester United midfielder scored his second goal late on from the penalty spot by Jose Maria Jimenez’s hand. protector Atletico He tried to interrupt Fernandez’s individual movement with a sliding tackle, but he got the famous “net”, after which the ball went to his supporting hand.

Iranian referee Alireza Faghani initially did not dictate a penalty kick until after the Portuguese’s protests and suggestions. VAR (led by Qatari Abdullah Al-Marri and Australian Shaun Evans) went to the screen. After watching the replay, Faghani reversed his original decision and signaled for the lime.

FIFA surprised even the PZPN by choosing the Poland-Argentina referee. “change the rule”

However, many fans and observers wonder if Portugal’s penalty was valid. ESPN journalist Dale Johnson provided a chart from the IFAB (the International Football Association Board, an organization that deals with creating and amending the rules of the game of soccer), which clearly shows that there should be no penalty precisely because the ball hit the hand. , which Uruguay Jimenez supported in his treatment.

“This is not a penalty and is literally an example of an IFAB case where no penalty should be imposed. In this case, the penalty will only be valid if the handball was premeditated,” Johnson wrote on Twitter.

While for Portugal the second Goal It didn’t matter much, because the team from Europe, with any victory over Uruguay, guaranteed itself promotion to the knockout stage, so it could be disastrous for its rivals. you fight About 1/8 finals. If Uruguay beats Ghana in the final round, and South Korea proves to be better than Portugal, goal difference will be decisive in the battle for second place between Uruguay and Korea.

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