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On the Moje UPC website, which works despite the site being shut down and redirecting to, the operator encourages you to leave your phone number. It guarantees that advisors will call you back within 59 seconds. – The Netflix Gift Promotion applies to the Netflix Basic Plan as part of a 12-month Flexible Internet Contract, which you must conclude with Play within 15 calendar days of concluding the contract in custom promotions with UPC. Requires maintaining an active contract with UPC for the specific promotion and agreeing to exchange data between UPC and Play. After the free period ends, Play charges PLN 29 for access to Netflix. You can use the Netflix service on the basis of a contract with Netflix International BV. You can only use the Play Contract discount and Netflix Gift promotion once. Details can be found at – explains the gameplay.

Only the basic plan is free

The operator also explains that Elastic Internet is a packet method for calculating local data transfer charges. The customer pays PLN 10 per 10 GB of transmission. Interestingly, the service is also offered to subscribers who purchase unlimited fiber internet from UPC Polska/Play. Therefore, the additional service will be useful on mobile devices or in a place other than the apartment covered by the Wi-Fi service.

Only the Basic plan can be used for free for 12 months. It allows you to watch content in HD quality only on one screen, and costs 29 PLN per month. The more expensive Standard plan has two displays and Full HD quality (direct PLN 43), and the Premium plan has four displays and 4K quality (PLN 60). When subscribing to Netflix from third-party partners, such as UPC Polska/Play, Vectra, Canal+, you cannot purchase access for PLN 9.99 per month for a person living in another household. Only direct subscription allows this.

Play ensures that people interested in higher Netflix packages can also access them at promotional prices. – In the UPC Internet & TV package with Netflix, you can choose any Netflix plan. In the promotional price of the package, you already have the basic plan, but for the standard or premium plan, you have to pay the difference. You can also freely change your Netflix plan during the duration of the contract – this will not affect its length, only the monthly fee for the package will change according to the terms and conditions of the promotion you have selected. Additional cost to change from Netflix Basic to Netflix Standard – PLN 14; Additional cost to change from Netflix Standard to Netflix Premium – PLN 17; The operator is informed of the additional fee for changing from Netflix Basic to Netflix Premium – PLN 31.

Promotional access to Eleven Sports channels

Play provides UPC Polska customers not only free access to Netflix. Recently, in emails, he has been encouraging people to use the Eleven Sports Go streaming service at a promotional price. The fee for the first two months is PLN 1. The offer has a commitment period of 12 months, so from the third month to the twelfth month, you have to pay PLN 14.99 per month. The activation fee for this promotion is PLN 9.90.

Access to Eleven Sports channels can also be purchased directly on the website. Then the monthly package with Eleven Sports 1, Eleven Sports 2, Eleven Sports 3 and Eleven Sports 4 costs PLN 15.90. A semi-annual package of PLN 89.90 or an annual package of PLN 159.00 is also available. The subscription includes, among others: matches of the Spanish League, the French League and the Italian League.

The end of UPC Polska

In 2020, the French Iliad Group bought the Play mobile network for PLN 9.6 billion. A year ago, the acquisition of UPC Polska from Liberty Global for PLN 7.013 billion was completed. In its native France, the company provides mobile, Internet and television services under the Free brand. On August 31, there was a legal merger between P4 (play network operator) and UPC Polska. In recent months, the number of UPC Polska customer service points has been reduced (gaming salons have been opened instead). Not everyone liked the changes. The Competition and Consumer Protection Office received several complaints, including: a decline in the quality of services.

In May, UPC Polska TV packages were replaced with the Play offer. The old offer includes 189 stations, the new one – 157. It is also possible to exchange points for access to streaming services or individual stations. Some subscribers have criticized this as an illegible and complicated solution. Over time, the specific stations that were missing from the Play offer were added: Eurosport 2, TVP Info, TVP Kultura, TVP Sport, TVP Nauka, Alfa TVP and TV Republika. However, the packages still lack several thematic channels, including: Polish TV. Negotiations on this issue are ongoing. Play’s Telewizja Max package currently includes 165 channels. With Eleven Sports and Cinemax, there are 172 stations.

Currently, the operator is encouraging customers to trade in their devices for Play devices. – From the beginning of September, selected customers with UPC services have the opportunity to switch to the new Play offers on promotional terms. This is not just a replacement of the devices with more modern ones, i.e. Play Box Net and Play Box TV, but a proposal to change the services to Play solutions. Agreeing to our proposal is completely voluntary, and customers can still use their services under the current, unchanged conditions – Play was informed a few weeks ago.

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