February 3, 2023


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Budget sector wants to increase.  Announces strikes and texts.  It is threatened by the "September Campaign" and the paralysis of Warsaw.  ZUS will not pay any interest

Budget sector wants to increase. Announces strikes and texts. It is threatened by the “September Campaign” and the paralysis of Warsaw. ZUS will not pay any interest

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In addition to the basic salary, the deputy can count on benefits and allowances

In the draft government budget law Lifts Administration has been frozen. The project will be presented in early September. Meanwhile, unionists are demanding a raise Salary By 12 percent, the wage increase for the budget sector will cover about half a million people and will cost PLN 14 billion.

Budget workers won’t get a cent of the raise in 2022

Trade unions threaten government with “September campaign”

if government Not meeting demands for wage increases, should prepare for ‘September campaign’ – he writesDzenic Gazeta BrownaTrade unions announce mass protests across Poland and a large demonstration in Warsaw, engaging in mass disputes with employers and an Italian strike in several offices. The joint protest of the Polish Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ) and the Trade Union Forum (FZZ) may also join the “Solidarity” – learned “DGP”.

Trade unions report that the Prime Minister himself spoke of a budget surplus of PLN 28 billion. Another argument for increases in the budget sector are the recent increases of deputies, ministers and the most important people in the state – adds “Dzenic Gazeta Brauna”.

They want to join the declared protest, among other things trade unionists from Lublin. – We will join all possible appearances. You have to take to the streets, because the beginning of mass quarrels is such a laborious procedure that it will be difficult to win anything if the budget law is passed – Michai Sobol, representative of the Assembly of the Works Committee of an employee of the OZZ Initiative of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Lublin for the “DGP”.

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ZUS - Image captionZUS hit more and more likely? First conversations without decisions

Trade unions are negotiating with ZUS

Trade unionists from Social Insurance Corporation. Employees demanded an increase of PLN1,000 from September, as well as six months of paid leave, an increase in hiring and the resignation of the boss. sister the professor. Gertrude Uchinska. The first round of talks was inconclusive.

Trade unions have threatened solidarity strikes, and if no agreement is reached with the Social Insurance Institution, the next stage is to have more radical strikes in the fall.

This threatens to paralyze the state. Payments for pensions, annuities and other benefits will be suspended. ZUS is one of the main institutions. We want the government to know that we know that too

– said money.pl Piotr Szumlewicz, president of the alternative union.