Hit a pedestrian and run into the woods

He ran into a pedestrian in the lanes, and when he stopped, he did not help him, but ran into a nearby forest. Witnesses set out to go after the perpetrator, but failed to catch him – this is what happened in Sunday’s incident Wituminsky Cemeterya map in Gdynia. The police are looking for the driver who led to the accident and fled the scene. The 73-year-old injured man was taken to hospital in serious condition.

Our readers were the first to report the incident in a report from Tri-City. Thank you for uploading videos, photos and all information.

Witness testimony shows that shortly before noon, the passenger seat driver, driving toward Whittoman, collided with a pedestrian crossing the road. It is possible that the accident occurred at a pedestrian crossing, although the car stopped several meters behind him.

Policemen on the spot check if pedestrians have crossed the road in the permitted place. According to eyewitnesses, the victim was at the crossing at the time of the accident.

– The pedestrian was at the end of the lane. Strong story seat. The offender immediately fled into the forest. People didn’t catch up One witness wrote in the report.
Yet, after 13 activities on the site are still ongoing. For the duration of the work of the police and ambulance, ZKM employees directed traffic. A decision was made to temporarily shorten the bus lines, which, as on November 1, returned to the cemetery.

73 years old in serious condition

As the Gdynia policemen say, the injured pedestrian is 73 years old. He was taken to hospital in serious condition.

– Today at about 11.20 am we received a notification about a pedestrian collision at a pedestrian crossing on ul. Witomińska. He reported that the 73-year-old citizen who fell in Gdynia was taken to hospital in a serious condition. Jolanta Grunert From the headquarters of the municipal police in Gdynia.
At the same time, it confirms what our readers have told about the circumstances of the accident.

From the testimony of witnesses The perpetrator left the car and fled the scene. The person on duty immediately dispatched traffic cops, a guide with a service dog, and a forensic technician who secured the tracks. The officers ascertained the witnesses to the accident, the circumstances of the accident, made a visual examination and photographic documentation, and secured the driver’s car. At the same time, criminals and riot police are looking for a seat driver. All who witnessed the accident or had a car camera recording are asked to contact the Police – Grunert Appeal.

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