NATO has a plan in case of war with Russia.  Admiral Rob Bauer talks about the details

admiral Rob Power He said on Tuesday Security Forum in WarsawAccording to him, it had previously been decided to increase the battle groups on NATO’s eastern flank to eight, and four of them were strengthened to brigade level, Ukrinform newspaper reported.

Possible conflict between NATO and Russia. The alliance has a plan

The army revealed that the coalition has also increased the number of rapid reaction forces 300 thousand soldiers Deployable within the first month. Bauer noted that this number of fighters should be sufficient in the event of a “major conflict” with Russia.

The Admiral also stressed that many countries need to step up their efforts Investing in military trainingAnd building production capabilities and integrated air and missile defence.

– In air defense You can do two things. You can wait for the missiles to reach you and then shoot them down. This will require many missiles, as we see in Ukraine. And we are not just talking about missiles, but also about drones, which are increasingly being used. The second is to use missiles and other systems on your side to destroy the systems from which the Russians are launching these missiles at you, which is very effective because they will have nothing to shoot at. From an investment standpoint, it’s a combination of both, Bauer explained.

Plan in case of a Russian attack. Previous arrangements

Let us remember that Reuters reported in the summer that coalition members had reached an agreement on this issue Regional response plans to the Russian attack.

The “Unian” agency points out that “for decades there has been no need to make such plans, but rather for a large-scale war in Ukraine.” It changed everything“.

source: ukrinform, union

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