NASA space capsule.  Scientists were surprised by what they found inside it

NASA space capsule transports the largest Soil sampledownloaded ever From the surface of the asteroidIt passed through Earth’s atmosphere and landed in the Utah desert on September 24.

Live broadcast of the descent and landing of a unique capsule with samples of the material Asteroid Bennu It culminated a six-year mission undertaken by the University of Arizona and the US Space Agency.

From the beginning, it was expected that the third sample in history to return to our planet would contain a record amount of valuable research material, but this is somewhat the case. It exceeded the expectations of experts and researchers.

The space capsule was hiding secrets. Scientists were surprised

The Japanese Space Agency had previously carried out two similar missions, but it was noted that they were able to collect “only a few grams” of soil. In the case of the Bennu capsule, there was initial talk about… 250 grams Research materials.

As we read on the NASA website, the initial stage The capsule opens slower Than was initially expected. Why? It turned out that the collected material began to seep out. I point out that this is of course not a problem.

“A number of particles on the inner surface of the lid are still there Larger than expected” – was announced in the entry. As also reported, the first samples are in the hands of scientists. Research is underway that will allow preliminary tests to be carried out Physical recognition Z asteroid Bennu.

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