The Russians shot down a drone... for Ukraine.  They have been deceived

The description of the group, which was supported by the Russians, said that the money would go to Russian soldiers fighting on the front line. Show that it will be allocated for the purchase of medical supplies and weapons necessary to “actively cleanse the land of the Bandera heritage” – quotes the website.

According to Ukrainian media reports, the Russians who supported the fundraising campaign were deceived because in reality Ukrainian specialists in the special services stood behind it. Since Russian banks do not support payments in Ukraine, the group reported allegedly data on a non-existent Russian Tinkoff card, and an electronic wallet was used to receive funds.

The Ukraine Now website reports that Russians supporting the war in Ukraine have donated enough money to purchase a Mavic DJI Mini 2 drone. It has already been delivered to one of the Ukrainian special units. Soldiers shared his photo.

Sources:, Ukraine Now

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