A veteran who expressed his desire to kill his ex-wife intoxicated with a deadly mushroom has been sentenced to six months in prison.

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Alexandre Buffard-Carrier’s apology, which repeatedly called for the court’s “mercy” that there was “zero intent to harm”, would not be sufficient to convince Judge Thomas Jacks.

As described in the scientific literature, he is disturbed by the plan of the accused “by all means” because the poison with the wild mushroom is in three stages.

Well documented

Last February, the 37-year-old accused was with a friend when he openly told them about his detailed plan to kill his ex-wife. He then explained to his friend that he wanted to grind a deadly mushroom, which can be found in the woods in the tea that he would have given especially to his ex.

Buffard-Carrier, well aware of the effects of this poison, explained that the victim would first become ill before recovering from it. After seven days, the fungus would have been better for him by attacking the victim’s internal organs, and this would have left no toxins detected in the body of the remains.

However, the accused told his friend how he would torture his ex-wife by cutting off her legs in his assassination plot and kept her imprisoned in his basement.

Faced with the seriousness of Buffert-Carrier’s comments, his friend recorded the conversation and later reprimanded the man, who was arrested for making death threats.


The victim, who heard the accused’s words on the tape, said he was frozen in blood. Shocked and outraged by the sick plan, he admitted that despite the split in 2017, they should not be surprised.

The judge said he was “upset” by these words, and especially by the accused’s detailed plan. When Judge Jox said he did not “believe in a criminal”, he said his comments were “humorous in the context of a character play.”

« [L’accusé] Maintains deep resentment towards the victim, ”he said.

The lawyer for the accused, Mr.e Benoit Labrec wanted to free his client immediately. The senior, who has no criminal history, has been in jail since his arrest three months ago.

However, the judge leaned in favor of a total of six months imprisonment. “I hope you learned your lesson,” Judge Thomas Jacks concluded.

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