What to expect from streaming platforms in 2024?

In 2023, the crisis of traditional media is one of the hot topics in the news. By 2024, this crisis may shift to the manufacturing industry StreamingAccording to an expert.

Luc DuPont, professor of communications at the University of Ottawa, mentions on most sites Streaming Except for Netflix, “shortage”.

His top 2024 predictions for marketing trends are “crossing the desert to new media” and “consolidation of the media industry.” Streaming“, he notes.

The main purpose of the sites Streaming Disney offers subscribers a fixed price to access multiple shows on one platform, such as Prime Video or Netflix.

“However, in 2023, we realized that to access these broadcasts, subscriptions would have to multiply exponentially. In the end, it's not cheap. It's expensive and sometimes more expensive,” notes Mr. DuPont.

According to the communications professor, given traditional television and today's new platforms, it's only a matter of time before the streaming industry merges.

Quebec will be affected by these changes. “These sites are condemned to have local content and appeal to the widest possible international audience,” said Mr. DuPont notes.

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