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The month of October has recently begun, which in many parts of the world means preparing to remember the dead. When they die, there are also ghosts, and when ghosts die, we all know that some of them can be malicious and vengeful, and it is probably these types of ghosts that haunt the game today. Specifically, in the form of Gollum’s creators, they scare us From beyond the grave. As you probably remember, their game is over Reviews Completely destroyed. Sekera also praised herin turn, learned of the tragedy The developers hastily issued a statement.

There would be nothing strange in that, because similar boards with apologies are published by many creators, but here there is a typo in the first sentence and also in the title of the game… Now everything goes further, because in a documentary about Gollum was prepared by the German gaming channel and two pieces of information appear from two anonymous sources: This apology was written by ChatGPT. Here’s a little reference to taz159357, who suggested it in a comment a few months ago.

Nacon was blamed for this It bought Daedalic Entertainment early last year. The publication of the Manifesto appears to have been a decision of the publisher, who also took care of its form without Daedalec’s knowledge.

The Game Two documentary lasts about 40 minutes and raises several issues regarding Gollum’s production. Now it doesn’t matter because the studio responsible for it doesn’t exist, but the whole thing sheds new light on how a typical mediocre game can turn into a terrible title. If you know German or don’t mind the sometimes unbalanced automatic translation on YouTube, please visit:

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