February 4, 2023


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NASA: The James Webb Space Telescope's optical system is ready to go!

NASA: The James Webb Space Telescope’s optical system is ready to go!

NASA just bragged about the optical system James Webb Space Telescope It exceeds expectations, and now we have good news that the calibration process has been completed for all parts of the mirror.

– Tuning of the James Webb Space Telescope complete! NASA said these new geometric images of stars sharply focused in the field of view of each instrument show that #Webb is perfectly aligned and in focus. Scientists published beautiful pictures to prove that day A milestone in the launch of this powerful device.

However, this is not the end of the performance preparations The first cosmic scenes. Scientists will calibrate the other systems by mid-June. – Now the Web team will focus on operationalizing the scientific tools. NASA scientists say each instrument is a highly advanced set of detectors equipped with lenses, masks, filters and dedicated equipment to help it conduct the scientific research it was designed for.

The telescope service team admitted that optical tests showed Amazing properties of advanced technologies. It is fair to say that the James Webb Space Telescope is a true technological masterpiece. The image quality provided for all instruments is ‘limited diffraction’, which means that the detail in the visible detail is as good as physically possible given the size of the telescope.

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– These fantastic test images from a successfully put in place telescope show what people in different countries and continents can achieve together when there is audacity A scientific vision to explore the universe Lee Feinberg of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center said.

NASA says it will release more images of stars taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. Current maintenance notes are planned. It is carried out every two days Mirror Alignment Monitor If necessary, adjustments will be made to keep the mirrors in their correct positions.

This year, astronomers want to point Webb’s eye toward the largest planet in the solar system. They want to test the limits of the telescope before continuing Studies of planets outside the solar system. They also do not exclude that Jupiter, due to its complex structure, will greatly help in the calibration of measuring instruments.

– In the first year of scientific activity we expect Webb He will write entirely new chapters in the history of our originsKlaus Pontopedan, a scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute, said that the formation of stars and planets.

Astronomers have made it clear that we cannot even imagine how humanity will receive this year an amazing amount of very valuable data The farthest thing in the universe. The James Webb Space Telescope will allow us to solve many mysteries about the expansion of the universe and the formation of galaxies, stars and planets. More importantly, he will search for us other lands, where life may exist or where we will one day be inhabited.