June 7, 2023


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josed.  A whirlwind passed - News

josed. A whirlwind passed – News

“A hurricane just passed our shelter! Many dogs are gone, we don’t know the fate of many of them, the fence, many pens in powder. Terrible tragedy” – we read on the Facebook page of the local shelter “pets to take.” In the last entry, he reported that most dogs had already been found.

Polish storm hunters also report the possibility of a tornado, based on radar data. “We found information about the damage caused by strong winds, but at the moment this material is not enough for a more detailed investigation” – they wrote.

Artur Surowiecki of Polskie Łowcy Burz adds in an interview with the portal Lublin112.pl that it could have been a short-lived whirlwind that no one recorded in the registry. – This is indicated by analyzing data from Legionowo’s Doppler radar – he adds.

Law enforcement services are underway in the municipality of Gözed. It is known that there were also severe hailstorms in uków county.

The website Łuków24 informs that the hailstones were the size of table tennis balls, which can be seen in photos sent in by local residents.

IMGW has not issued a storm warning for residents of the county. Lublin. It was mentioned in a meteorological report that storm cells are moving across the region from the west and southwest to the east and northeast. It is reported that it is accompanied by rain up to 10-15 mm / h and hail locally, and the wind speed can reach 65 km / h.

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What is a whirlwind?

The condensation funnel grows from the base of the clouds and has a characteristic conical shape. It is the core of a whirlwind, which turns into a hurricane when it touches the ground. It is formed as a result of the pressure difference between the air inside and outside the vortex. This phenomenon can be observed by residents of the Lublin region today.

Source: remiza.com.pl, Lubli112.pl, Lukow24, Facebook