The sun with a faster peak of violent activity.  There is only a little time left

The Sun is a star with a period of about 11 years. During this time, the polarization of the magnetic field is reversed. Each of these cycles has a maximum and minimum. The former is often accompanied by violent activity associated, among other things, with coronal mass ejections. Everything indicates that the trial will take place much earlier than expected.

Until recently, most predictions were about the current solar cycle The maximum reaches around mid-2025. However, new research conducted by a team of scientists from India suggests something different. It appears that the Sun will show violent activity much sooner.

Analysis by astrophysicists Priyansh Jaswal, Chitradeep Saha and Dibyendu Nandy suggests that a solar maximum will occur soon. According to scientists This could happen as early as January 2024., within a few weeks. Why these discrepancies from previous expectations?

It should be taken into account that predicting solar activity is difficult and involves many factors. This is also because the reasons behind driving the star’s rotations are unknown. This can be predicted by sunspots on the surface, but it is still not a perfect solution.

When the solar maximum is reached, the poles of the star will reverse and this will cause an increase in the body’s activity. This means sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections. Those facing the ground can It affects communications on our planet and disrupts power lines. The advantage of this phenomenon is the amazing aurora borealis that can be admired in the sky.

It is worth noting that the upcoming peak of solar activity has also changed the forecasts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Initially, it was supposed to be a calm cycle, but this cycle turned out to be more violent than many previous cycles. Therefore, expectations regarding its operation were changed. According to NOAA, a maximum can be expected From January to October 2024. The consolation is that in a few years it will reach a quiet minimum.

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