NASA Scientist: In your life, summer will never be as cold as this summer

fig. PAP/EPA/Robert Ghement

In your life, the summer will not be as cold as this one, and this should not be taken as a joke; This is terrifying, warned Peter Kalmos, a climate change scientist at the US space agency NASA. He added that the only way to end the nightmarish heat wave was to abandon fossil fuels.

“Most people still don’t realize the danger we’re in. It’s going to be the coldest summer for the rest of your life and this shouldn’t be taken as a meme – it should really be terrifying. There’s only one way to get out of this hot nightmare – stop (exploiting) fossil fuels ASAP As soon as possible,” tweeted Kalmos, who is also a climate activist.

“There will always be some regional and annual variation, but on average, temperature trends show that this will be the coldest summer for many years. If society enters a climate emergency, the planet will likely start to cool before the end of the century.”

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) reported last week that June 2023 was globally the warmest in the 174-year history of regular temperature surveys. Also in July, the northern hemisphere, from North America, through Europe, to Asia, experiences a wave of extreme heat, threatening people and causing droughts and fires.


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