Young Poles are far from average.  They don't want to work and study

“Economic Weekly of the Polish Economic Institute” Presented studies showing the percentage share of students between the ages of 15 and 29 who combine study and work. In the case of Poland, the result was 12 percent. Unfortunately, we are far from the European average as it fluctuates around 23 percent. Data published for 2021.

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Dutch youth work and learn

Where do most young people study and work? It turns out that they are in the lead The Dutch (70 percent), followed by the Danes at 49 percent. Young Germans are third in the ranking with 42 per cent.

On the other hand, data published by the Polish Economic Institute show the countries in which the least young people combine work and science. The others are Romanians (2%), Slovaks (4%), and Bulgarians and Hungarians (5%).

How do young Poles separate?

Statistics provided by the Polish Economic Institute cover a wide range of respondents. If you only look at the students, we get a higher rank. In 2021, the number of undergraduate and engineering students studying and working fluctuated by about 27 percent, while the number of graduate students was 39 percent.

Is the combination of work and study a desirable model?

Does combining work and study have a good effect on young Poles? On the other hand, many duties are likely to force the student to quit studies, which translates to no diploma.

On the other hand, getting paid early helps in earning Interpersonal skills, such as time management, interpersonal communication, or problem-solving. Researchers suggest that combining work and education reduces the likelihood of future unemployment, and also positively affects salary negotiation or a better job.

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