Nadia Tereshkiewicz: Who is she?  She is a young actress of Polish origin

Born in Versailles, France Nadia Tereskiewicz She is a 27-year-old actress of Polish and Finnish descent. “My grandfather came from Poland” – she said in an interview with Vogue. Her parents named the girl after the heroine of the movie “Burnt by the Sun” in 1994.

Nadia is multi-talented. Before she discovered her passion for acting, she trained in dancing. In addition, he speaks several languages: French, Finnish, English and Italian. Despite his young age, he has an impressive cinematography. She made her debut in 2016 in the movie “Dancer”. Since then he has appeared regularly on small and big screens. Viewers can see her in the following productions: “Land of Storms”, “Only Animals Don’t Roam”, “Obsession”, “Forever Young”, “The Nanny” and “Red Island”.

Nadia Tereshkiewicz had the opportunity to play one of the main roles in the film of the master of French cinema – “My crime“François Ozuna. The painting is loosely inspired by the 1934 play by Georges Bear and Louis Verneuil. The film tells the story of Madeleine (played by Tereshkiewicz), a beautiful, young, and penniless actress accused of murdering a famous film producer. Ozon was inspired to create this character by Harvey Weinstein, an American film producer. The film debuted in Polish cinemas in August last year.

The actress is not slowing down. The past few years have been very busy for her on the professional front. We will soon be able to see Nadia Tereshkiewicz in another film – a biographical drama.Rosalie“.

In Stephanie Di Giusto's film, set in 19th-century France, Rosalie, played by Nadia Tereshkiewicz, marries Abel, a debt-ridden bar owner. Unaware of her secret, he discovers that her body is covered in thick hair. After initial rejection, Rosalie decides to use her uniqueness, becoming an attraction in the local community and attracting new customers to her husband's restaurant.

The film premiered during the Cannes Film Festival last year. It will premiere in Polish cinemas on April 12. “Rosalie” will also be screened during the Mastercard OFF Camera Festival.

Nadia Tereszkiewicz has not yet appeared in any Polish production. In an interview with Vogue magazine, she admitted that she dreams of this. Unfortunately, her lack of knowledge of the language may be a hindrance.

“I dream of it, even though I know it won't be easy, because I don't speak Polish. I really regret not learning it, because I promised my grandfather that I would learn it one day. Cinema will definitely help me achieve that.” “This – I already have a role in an Algerian film. I had to learn Arabic. For the needs of Israeli series, I learned Hebrew. Now I'm acting in a Chilean film, so I'm improving my Spanish,” she said in an interview with Artur Zaborsky.

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