Elon Musk praises Netflix's controversial new policy

Everyone knows Elon Musk loves to be heard about, even if it ends up being a lawsuit. But this time, it’s not about Tesla, or SpaceX, or even Twitter, which was recently hit by a small scandal, but The most popular streaming service with movies.

Musk suggested that some time ago Can no longer watch Netflix due to political correctness everywhere, who compared it to the virus, noting in one entry that “Netflix is ​​just waiting for the war to end to make a movie about a black Ukrainian who falls in love with a Russian mutant soldier.” Like the latest movement of the platform much more.

What are we talking about exactly? Netflix recently announced that it is making the first changes to its culture policy since 2017, adding a section titled Artistic Expression. Employees should work on content they disagree witheg culturally or… Leave the company because it’s clearly not for them.

Not everyone likes – or agrees – with everything on our site (…) As employers, we support the principle that Netflix offers a variety of stories, even if some titles conflict with our personal values. Depending on your role in the company, you may have to work with addresses that you consider malicious. If you find it too difficult for you, Netflix might not be the best place for you – We read the statement.

And although this decision caused a wave of indignation and opposition, not everyone has a problem – Elon Musk decided, for a change, to praise her, describing it as “a great move on Netflix.” He didn’t specify what he particularly liked, but his following entry is a small suggestion of what this might be:

It is worth adding that everything It all started with comedian Dave Chappelle’s October standup, which some people found panicked Netflix subsequently refused to remove the material from the site, despite numerous protests from its employees, arguing that raising topics related to the transgender community is not immediately a symptom of transphobia. The new rules appear to be a natural consequence of this situation, which illustrates the company’s position on these issues.

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