Mountains of space debris will allow you to travel around the universe

garbage collectors. We are not only polluting the land and seas, but also outer space with our waste. If we do nothing about this problem, astronomers warn that soon we will not be able to safely launch space missions and explore alien planets.

However, a light appeared in the tunnel. A startup company in South Australia called Neumann Space, which is developing dynamically in the world of space industry, presented its concept to use this myriad of Tons of space debris to produce rocket fuel.

cooperation Neumann Space, Nanoracks, Astroscale, CisLunar This innovative idea of ​​implementation. Together, engineers developed the concept of collecting, carrying, smelting space debris and producing rocket fuel for long-distance missions.

Hervé Astaire, CEO of Neumann Space, said during the presentation that the metal-burning jet engine will head toward its prototype early next year. Space debris recycling for Rocket fuel is the future. NASA and the Pentagon have already caught the idea.

The type of technology we use metal thrusterAstier said its production is fairly cheap compared to other solutions. – The fuel can be stored for a long time, is not exposed to radiation and does not require space in the tank – he added.

Scientists believe that in the space industry you can create a real industry Technology coexistWhich will make it possible from the beginning, that is, from sending rockets or satellites into orbit, right up to the end of their operation, to make them effective devices for many applications.

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