Woody Allen won't be doing many movies anymore.  Alec Baldwin Speak to Him in Confidence

  • Alec Baldwin connected with Woody Allen on Instagram and interviewed the director
  • Both gentlemen have recently been the protagonists of controversial events, but during the conversation they have not brought up the topics that the whole world is talking about.
  • Instead, Woody Allen revealed how his autobiography was written and how he dealt with the pandemic. He also announced the launch of a new professional project
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Alec Baldwin On the candlestick for several months. In October 2021, a tragedy occurred at the location of Bonanza Creek Ranch, where the Western “Rust” was shown. The actor pulled the trigger of the weapon that was loaded with live ammunition instead of spent cartridges. Cinematographer Helena Hutchins died of a gunshot wound, and director Joel Souza was injured.. The family of the deceased wants the actor to take responsibility, but insists not to blame him for the tragedy. Now to Alec Baldwin who recently announced it Be a father for the seventh timeYou decided to play a journalist and unexpectedly gave an interview Woody Allen.

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Alec Baldwin loves Woody Allen

Alec Baldwin has starred in three Woody Allen films. They are: “Alice” (1990), “Rome Lovers” (2012) and “Blue Jasmine” (2013). The actor has repeatedly spoken positively about the director, and when it broke out Storm over accusations of molesting her adopted daughter Dylan Farrow defended him.

“The allegations have been very carefully investigated and have been found…nothing. What will happen to you at least to consider that he is telling the truth?” Baldwin once asked on Twitter. When he announced his conversation with Allen on Instagram, he made a reference to the HBO documentary “Allen v. Farrow.” “If you think someone should be judged by a HBO documentary, you have a problem– he wrote, then openly admitted that he loved Woody Allen.

Alec Baldwin and Woody Allen on Instagram

However, in the conversation on Instagram, the gentlemen did not raise the controversial topics with which their names are associated. Alec Baldwin asked the director about his autobiography “Woody Allen. About Nothing. Autobiography,” which was released in 2002. He said he loved it.

“I took so long to write my autobiography. I wrote the part, then took a break, remembered new things. I wanted it to be a fun book too, not just plain facts. Sometimes I would write one story for a week, other times it took me twice. Writing days A resume is the best investment of time. I tried writing a novel years ago, but I wasn’t feeling well. I wrote it but it wasn’t good. The reason is because I wasn’t the kind of reader when I was a kid. I knew a lot about movies, show business, and comedy, but I didn’t know much about literature. But I can write music and short forms,” Woody Allen said.

The director also spoke about how he survived the COVID-19 pandemic and admitted that he does not intend to make many films anymore. “During the pandemic, I was terrified, didn’t leave home for months, and couldn’t make the movies I was planning to shoot. I sat at home, I realized that I like to stay in bed. You don’t have to go out and meet people and get up at five in the morning ”- he said:

He also announced that he will soon enter a new production range, which will be held in France. “Now you make movies in cinemas for a few weeks and then they go straight to streaming platforms and people prefer to watch them there because they like being at home. I started making a movie this fall in Paris. Traveling abroad is a great feeling, it’s very refreshing for me. My wife is always happy to spend a few weeks with me in Paris or Barcelona “- he revealed.

Woody Allen also confirmed that he was not sick with the COVID-19 virus. He said Vaccines and not leaving the house prevented him from contracting the Corona virus. In an interview with Alec Baldwin, he also confirmed that he wants to focus in the near future on writing books rather than directing.

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