Mortgages.  Poles have a growing problem with payments

He drew attention to the problem of the growing debt of Poles with mortgage loans Twitter Economist Ravi Mundry. And confirmed it In six months, her debts have more than doubled.

The debts of Poles are inflated with mortgage loans

According to the credit information bureau data, the present The debt of mortgage borrowers rose to PLN 450 million in September. Until May, it fluctuated between PLN 200-225 million.

It should be emphasized right away that BIK in this case does not count debtors who have a slight (eg weekly) delay in payment of the installment. In this case, we are talking about debts that have not been paid for at least three months.

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Debt is growing despite protection programmes

In order to counter such a situation, the rulers introduced new protection mechanisms (credit holidays) or improved those already in force (finance borrower support).

However, as noted by netizens under Ravi Mundry’s entry, Credit holidays can only be used by those who have taken a loan in PLN for the purpose of its housing. So if someone has an external debt Currency-It tasted good. Perhaps this is part of the answer to why borrowers’ debt continues to grow.

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