End of Sky satellite dish installation services

Recently, Sky is betting on the sale of its Sky Broadband Internet access service, As well as selling TVs to broadcast Sky Glass. It is difficult to find information about the satellite view on the website of the digital platform. The operator launched its sale in 1989. At that time, Astra, like Sky Television, offered four mixed analog channels.

Sky focuses on selling internet and live streaming services

In the age of development of streaming services and rampant inflation, the number of Sky subscribers is declining. Pay TV operator only in the second quarter of this year. He lost 361 thousand. Client. In the first half of last year, only 26 thousand remained. Client. During 2021, Sky’s subscriber base decreased by 198,000 subscribers. People. The introduction of TVs to streaming Sky Glass did not significantly reduce customer inconvenience. British citizens and others may opt out of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Paramount+ at any time. Contracts with Sky, as with other traditional operators, are long-term. To take advantage of streaming platforms, you need a good internet. Thanks to Sky Broadband, the platform can continue to provide services to customers who opt for direct subscriptions to SVoD platforms.

Sky will not quit broadcasting at this time. It will last for many years to existing subscribers. Especially those who live in small towns where it is hard to find a good internet connection. Britain’s media market regulator estimates decent links at 99.7 per cent. families in the country. Northern Ireland is the worst in this regard. There, broadband internet is not 2 percent. families. OFCOM understands that 10 Mbit/s is adequate (for comparison, Polish cable operators are promoting 330 Mbit/s-1 Gbit/s lines). Residents of areas without good connections can access Starlink satellite Internet services, and in the future they will likely be covered by the 5G network. Then the data usage limits will be the date.

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Platform with long term contract for satellite capacity

At the moment, it is not known in Germany, Austria and Italy, where Sky also operates, and the installation of new antennas will also be discontinued. . To find information about the satellite view on Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia, you also have to work. Internet services have been revealed, including the previously mentioned Sky Glass TVs.

However, in May 2022, the operator reported the extension of the lease contract for transceivers with SES. “We have a strong and long-standing partnership with SES and are pleased to be able to extend it through this agreement,” said Patrick Behar, Sky’s chief business officer at the time. “Satellite display has been a cornerstone of our television work and will continue to play an important role in the future,” he added. In the UK, Sky has a total of 12 million subscribers and subscribers. If Sky, in the long run, abandons satellite broadcasting, the British still have the free Freesat package with more than 200 channels, incl. From BBC or ITV.

In Poland, interest in satellite reception is slightly decreasing?

The decline in interest in satellite television can be seen even more in the United States. The number of subscribers to the American Dish Network platform in the second quarter of 2022 decreased by 257 thousand. A year ago, at the same time, it decreased “only” 67 thousand. Five years ago, Dish had 13 million subscribers, and its rival DirecTV had 25 million. Currently, the first company’s customer base is 9.99 million, and the second is 14.6 million.

The development of streaming and OTT services such as Magenta and Play Now also in Poland leads to a decrease in interest in satellite reception. So far, it’s not as amazing as in the United States and Western Europe. However, it appeared in the data published in July of this year. by Orange. The number of Orange TV customers decreased by 8 thousand. Up to 970 thousand The operator lost 38 thousand. The satellite subscribers currently number 203,000. He got 30 thousand. IPTV clients. Their total number is 768 thousand.

The largest Polish platforms did not provide such accurate data for several years. June 30 this year. Polsat Box had 5.117 million RGU services (number of all services sold) in the pay-TV segment. A year ago, it was 5.332 million. Thus, it has 215 thousand. TV services, or 4 per cent. RGU includes not only subscription contracts for TV packages, but also additional services, such as multiroom. – I will not look for an analogy between the American and Polish markets, because we offer a “good value for money” product, and cheap entertainment is simply needed – Maciej Stick, Cyfrowy Polsat’s vice president, said a month ago. He did not disclose which part of the previous customers are the current satellite recipients. He stated that the decline was related to the fact that the iPla service had been replaced by Polsat Box Go, which is no longer offered to mobile customers for a small additional fee. A year ago, the competitive channel Canal + reported on the company’s website that it had 2.7 million subscribers. This data is not updated.

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