Trade shows and exhibitions are effective ways to market brands. They allow companies to showcase products and services to a certain target audience to achieve various goals. However, these approaches only have the desired results when done right. Modular exhibition stands have become popular options for brands looking to present their offerings at trade shows. The difference between modular stands and traditional ones is that the former are prefabricated. They enable reconfiguration to fit specific requirements. Modular stands are cost-effective, readily customisable and simple to set up. The following simple guides should help you get the most out of modular exhibition stands.

Understand Your Brand Identity

Before making any decision regarding modular stands, you have to know the messages to convey. For that, you must be well-versed in the brand’s identity. What do you want to tell the people who come into contact with your exhibition? The marketing message should align with your company’s vision. Learning more about the brand you are marketing also makes it easy to pick the right events to showcase at. Not every trade show suits a particular branding. You want to make sure a modular stand returns on its investment. Another advantage of understanding your brand is simplifying personalisation. With custom modular exhibition stands, you can design the installation to bring your message to life.

Choose the Design Carefully

Once you decide what you want a stand to accomplish, select a suitable design. In exhibitions and trade shows, visibility is everything. Therefore, go for designs that maximize your brand’s impact. Pick designs that grasp the audience’s attention.

Consider the area where you are going to set up. How can you capitalize on the space? A big plus side you enjoy with modular exhibition stands is the flexibility to adjust the design to fit a particular location. Ensure the design fits the purpose. T3 fabric stands, centro modular displays and lightbox stands are some alternatives available.

Match it with the Right Display

An exhibition stand requires the right display to have maximum effect. You can use printed tablecloths, pop-up displays and roller banners for your artwork. The display contributes to the stand’s visual appeal. Therefore, make it as striking as possible. Work with professional graphic designers to craft captivating content. Skimping out on the display will negate any effort put into the stand design. Ensure that the displays you use complement your brand.

Keep it Simple

As much as you want to make a statement, refrain from going over the top. Follow one rule – less is more. A stand that is too intricate or overly distracting displays only serve to take away from the message. Hence, avoid being too flashy. Keep the focus on the product and message. Note that simple doesn’t equal cheap. So, insist on high-quality materials and content. A simple stand gives the branding the power to elicit the intended visual impact.

Take Advantage of Interactive Technology

Exhibition stands are only effective if they capture attention. A successful showcase makes people stop and find out what it’s about. Interactive technology helps achieve this. The gamification of trade shows and exhibitions is becoming increasingly common. You can have quizzes, games and other activities at the event to enhance interaction. Technology such as touchscreens, virtual reality and augmented reality are other ways to boost engagement between attendees and the brand. Interactive technology allows you to create memorable experiences that participants will associate with your product or service.

Make Lighting Work for You

When it comes to highlighting the products on your stand, the use of lighting matters a great deal. Make certain the area has enough lighting. Add artificial fixtures where necessary. Be especially careful if an event is indoors. Halls can be dark and compromise visibility. You want to make sure visitors can see the entire stand without straining. Sufficient lighting also gives spaces a warm ambience. It makes attendees feel welcome. Focus lighting on the messaging to avoid any confusion.

Incorporate Audio and Visual Content

You can liven up exhibition stands with audio-visual material. Imagery is effective, but sound and visuals are unmatched. Video clips can help you tell a story about the brand. You can use video to boost interaction at trade shows by selling a narrative to audiences. Audio-visual content can deliver messages to audiences who prefer the medium.

Know When to Use Modular Stands

The most crucial tip for event planners is knowing when a modular stand is suitable. In some instances, other installations would be more practical. Extremely small spaces are examples. If you are working with minimal space, then you might not find a suitable module. Exhibitions that require stands to be high, say, 4m, would find better use for a temporary structure compared to a modular stand. So, be sure what works where.

Modular exhibition stands can make your brand stand out and capture the attention of your intended audience. The above tips guide you on how to set up stands that emphasize your offerings and create memorable spaces. Work with professionals to find the best modular exhibition stands for your branding goals.

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