Groundhog Day in Education

Does this title trigger a memory? This is a movie from the 90s.

It features meteorologist Phil Connors. This leaves a statement on the day of the groundhog. However, after the shoot is over, a blizzard forces him to spend the night there. Following this event, every time her alarm bell goes off, the same day starts over.

At the beginning of the school year, Patrick Lacasse Phil felt the same way: “It’s like Groundhog Day, in education, the same issues come up year after year without really being resolved. The professors I have quoted here […] Tell me more or less what I heard seven, five and three years ago.

For some issues, I would even venture to say that we have been wandering for at least 25 years.


I think Phil. I relive the same day.

Recently, Duty We “taught” that private schools and teachers should return to two report cards (Here And Here) this fall, a letter was published The Register And more than 6275 authors co-signed (Here)

I think Phil. I relive the same day.

I am reading and listening to the comments about the assessment. Always the same. Sometimes interesting, often irrelevant. During my master’s degree, I wrote an essay on Synergies and differences between teachers’ assessment practices and policy for assessment of learning. Despite everything, I still feel like I’ve learned a lot about it. I realize we have many different opinions on this matter. The subject is complicated and some people need to show some humility. Since this policy dates back to 2003, we may be ripe for an update.

And also

I think Phil. I relive the same day.

The Minister of Education informs us that he will collaborate with the CEO of CSS du Pays-des-Bleuets to avoid the closure of 50% of 4-year-old kindergartens. Meanwhile, CSS des Summers announces it will close nearly 40% of its own. Is it surprising? In 2018, it’s not like everyone is saying the government is wrong on this file.

I think Phil. I relive the same day.

“The PQ wants an investigation.”An insult to the nation“In schools. are you kidding me A flow records his teacher, is that your big fight? We can start by fixing what has dragged on for decades. The list is long. Do a journal review of the past 25 years.

I hope, I hope Phil For a long time This endless day will finally bow.

But I’m beginning to believe that many of my colleagues have figured out before me how to complete this temporal cycle again.

They have sanctified their camp.

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