Mirabel: Stopped at 170 km/h with a noisy Lamborghini

The 21-year-old Quebecer, who kept residents of the town of Mirabel awake for three weeks, tried to flee from police last week while driving at speeds of up to 170 km/h.

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“The police turned on their flashing lights to stop her and she started speeding. She made overtaking maneuvers from left to right,” says Sergeant Marc Tessier of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

Amanda Levesque, who grew up in Quebec City, was pulled over again for speeding on Highway 15 south in Mirabell last Wednesday. According to our information, the young motorist drove his controversial black Lamborghini at a speed of 170 kmph.

“She sped off at the last minute and we managed to stop her at a traffic light, Register Mark Tessier. His license was suspended for seven days and his car was towed.

Big fine

The results? The young woman earned $3,448 and 18 demerit points for a total of $3,448 and 18 demerit points.

*Amanda Levesque (Amanda Noel on Instagram) posted videos of the race with her Lamborghini on her Instagram account.

According to our information, his Lamborghini was towed when he was arrested because his passenger did not have a valid driver’s license.

Amanda Levesque is far from her first wit. She is well known to the people and the police in Laurentians. The Register It was revealed last month that the female driver was flirting Mirabel will wake residents up for three weeks While driving a noisy Lamborghini at night.

*Amanda Levesque shared a video of a black Lamborghini on her Instagram account.

Internet users took to Facebook groups to decry Ms Levesque’s rowdy trips and follow her. In Mirabell, his luxurious car was nicknamed the “Black Beast” by citizens annoyed by the noise pollution.

Jacques Caza, an investigator with the Mirabel police, confirmed that “an investigation is already open” for the case.

Amanda Levesque, here wearing dark sunglasses, has been taking to social media to share photos and videos of her flamboyant Lamborghini.

Photo taken from Facebook

Amanda Levesque, here wearing dark sunglasses, has been taking to social media to share photos and videos of her flamboyant Lamborghini.

16 tickets from June

The 21-year-old driver also collects tickets, particularly for loud noise, screeching tires and speeding.

According to a compilation Register, has received at least 16 tickets since June. Despite everything, Amanda Levesque continues to post photos of herself behind the wheel on Instagram and Facebook.

In many publications, we see Quebecer with his blonde hair and sunglasses with hashtags like “Rich Lifestyle” or “Car Born”.

Amanda Levesque - Lamborghini

Photo from Amanda Noel’s Instagram


Patrick Charbonneau, the mayor of Mirabel, fears for the safety of Quebecers after learning that the driver will resume driving his Lamborghini eight days after his arrest.

“Honestly, there’s something wrong with getting so many warnings. We’ve talked a lot about the car noise nuisance in Mirabel, but it’s also a safety concern,” says Mr Charbonneau.

He also recommends legislators review the Highway Safety Code to crack down on dangerous drivers like Amanda Levesque.

“It could have easily ended last week dramatically. We see it every month. Honestly, it saddens me that it has come to this,” drops Mirabel Meyer.

Our requests to interview the 21-year-old driver were not answered.

– with Michael Nguyen

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