Santa Claus parade: Barbados responds to its "haters".

Ever since it was announced that drag queen Barbados will be participating in the next Santa Claus parade in Montreal as the Star Fairy, social media has been flooded with derogatory comments.

However, this will not stop the Barbadian woman from shining with Santa Claus on November 19. On the contrary.
“Talk good about it, talk bad, but talk about it”, he replied during an interview with QMI Agency on Thursday afternoon.
“People have the right to comment on social networks, that’s part of the freedom we have, but tell me something, the more these people talk, the more people talk about it, and it encourages the organizers to continue. The drag in events like this is ‘booking,'” he said. .
First in drag, but one of the few to wear the Angel of the Stars costume, Barbada sees her appointment as a great way to continue her work with young people in recent years. According to him, the organizers’ decision is also in line with the times and in the same vein as Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, where the character of Ariel in a humanized version will be played by an Afro-descendant actress.
“Just because we’ve been doing something for decades doesn’t mean we can’t revisit it and try to do it in an inclusive and diverse way,” argued the drag queen, under her colorful and flamboyant features, on the youth show “Barbados”, on ICI TOU.TV.
“It’s a great honor and a great endorsement of what I’m doing and what we’re trying to achieve. It’s in perfect continuity with public broadcasts and readings,” he added.
Note that Sebastian Botvin, aka Barbada, knows how to handle children. An elementary school music teacher, she hosts “story time” in libraries, bookstores, and daycare centers under the guise of her alter ego. In this regard, Barbados will be transferred to a reading on November 19 at the Frontenac Library.
In the past, Ima, Marie-Mai, Marie-Ave Janvier, Vanessa Pilon and Joni Rosset have voiced the Star Fairy. “I think they’re big shoes to wear, but at the same time, I have big feet, so it should be good,” the drag queen continued with a laugh.
With a 100% electric approach, the traditional Santa Claus parade will take place on Saturday, November 19 through the streets of downtown Montreal. The next day at 4 PM on TVA. Sébastien Benoit and Isabelle Racicot will provide the entertainment, while Pascal Morissette will walk through the crowd to collect testimonies from those interested.

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