Ukraine, Mariupol.  City Council: More than 150 people die every week, and children are practically not born

The pro-Kiev Mariupol city government said on Monday that about 150 people die every week in Mariupol, which is occupied by Russian forces in southeastern Ukraine. They asserted that it had increased four or five times over what it was before the war. The city council also added that about 10 times fewer babies are being born.

“In Mariupol, about 150 people die every week. So about 25 people a day. Children are practically not born. Under occupation, the city is dying,” Mariupol City Council wrote on Telegram on Monday.

“The death rate has increased from four to five times compared to the period before the war,” the council said.

She added that 5 to 6 babies are born in the city every week. Before the Russian invasion of Mariupol, about 50 babies were born a week.

Mariupol region under Russian occupation (November 10, 2022)Reuters

“They don’t even put plaques on all the graves anymore.”

On Saturday, loyal adviser to Kyiv The mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andryushenko, expressed concern that the increase in the number of deaths was due, among other things, to the fact that residents had to live in unheated buildings, as well as the paralysis of the healthcare system.

“There is no one and what to treat,” he emphasized in the Telegram entry. He added that almost every day more bodies are found under the rubble of demolished buildings. The official wrote that the occupation forces “try to exhume the bodies without (attracting) undue attention from the outside, they secretly bury people in mass graves, sometimes even without plates.”

We read again, trenches, and even coffins for the dead, and body parts in chests. They no longer even put the plates on all the graves, but bury them as they are.

And Andryushenko assessed that the necropolis in ancient Crimea near Mariupol “is growing before our eyes.” “It is scary to imagine the real number of civilian casualties in Mariupol as a result of the Russian occupation,” he added.

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Cemetery in ancient Crimea near Mariupol (November 10, 2022)Reuters

The exact number of victims is unknown (10/11/2022)Reuters

before a massive invasion Russia Ukraine, about 430,000 people live in Mariupol. according to United nations About 350,000 residents left the city. It is impossible to accurately estimate the number of victims of Russian aggression in the city. Ukrainian authorities say tens of thousands of civilians may have died in Mariupol.

Main image source: Reuters

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