“Mini-Francos” is full of surprises

The full event of the Francois de Montreal, which takes place from September 9 to 12, will be released this Tuesday. Big names like Clue Belcock, Mary-Mai, Core de Pirate and Blue Jeans Blue will share the stage with last year’s revelations, including Calamine and the Raccoon. Everyone is expected to return to the “presence”.

Lee Carrier

Lee Carrier

This year, Franங்கோois celebrates only four days, half as usual, and two outdoor stages, the Place des Festivals and the Symphonic Border.

Laurent Sallnier, Vice President, Programming, nicknamed them “Mini-Francos”, but that’s all you need to create Francos! “. Different French-speaking artists, different musical genres and original works.

The plan, which was released in full on Tuesday, promises. Mary-Maui, Core de Pirate, Alclair Ensemble and Andr ஏne A. The public can see well-established artists like Mallet. At the start of the festival, we promise Clay Belcock a show full of complete surprises (even for the Francos team!).

“To this day, I still do not know what his show will be like. With Klee Belcock, you do not know, but it’s its magic!», Shouts Laurent Sallnier.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Press Archives

Chloe Belcock launches Franco on September 9th

Blue Jeans also breeds the Blue Mystery. Carde Blanche was on the band to invite amazing artists during their show on September 10th.

The night will be devoted to an evening of hip-hop with the theme of both Coryas & Fuki, Laugh, Sarama, Lawrence Nerphone, and Radio-Canada 2021-2022, the manifestation of Kalamin and the Raccoon. TV match The end of the weak.

This is one of the jumping elements in this table: one and a half years of growing young talents on social networks, and waiting to get to know their audience in flesh and bone.

There are, too, the Francos group “already making some allocations for next year”. “Some, like Lumiere, have released a fantastic album that we wanted to present this year,” Laurent Sallnier said.

Other names on the show: Clay and Friends, Robert Robert, Lawrence-Anne, Wendu, Jerome 50, Pitit Bellevue, Le Coolior, Ame Lavoni and national songwriter. The public is invited to discover the works of eight indigenous and indigenous artists collected by Nigamu Mamudun at the initiative of Florent Valent.

Digital component

If there are only about thirty shows at the festival instead of the hundred we are accustomed to, then Laurent Sallnier is back at the Place des Festivals after the digital edition last summer.

Epidemic has taught us, not to take too much. We will use what we have as much as possible. We still do not know how everything will change in the future.

Laurent Chalnier, Vice President, Programming, Franோois de Montreal

A sign that times are changing, the festival has a digital element, especially playful capsules featuring performers from the show, including Mike Clay, Clay & Friends, Claude Cobra, Blue Jeans Blue, Corius, Charmaine and many more. Broadcast on the YouTube channel of Francois, Nuevo and Bell. Also, none other than Aryan Moffat, Diane Dell and Jane Birkin, a six-episode podcast that meets artists who mark the festival’s history!

For the first time, outdoor shows will also be offered via webcast, but only live.

Compulsory reservation

Francois de Montreal was always free. This year is no exception. The exception, however, is that you must allocate your space to each performance. Compliance with health measures is an important step, but it involves risks, Laurent Sallnier believes. In particular, he fears that those who come to the festival will book tickets because “it’s free”, but they will get it back in the evening of the show.

“We’re going to get a certain number of tickets. It’s very boring that there is not half the crowd of artists who have not been to the show for a year and a half. It’s also boring for the fans who failed to get tickets. If you book, come to the show,” he insists.

For now, it can accommodate 2,500 people at each stage, so the site has 5,000 people (since there are two levels).

Visit the Francois website

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