Samuel Suarez returns to instantula after two weeks in 'Samu' hospital: "They showed me they were my family" |  Frantula |  Views

Is coming back. Samuel Suarez returned after the instant For a health problem. The popular entertainment journalist used his well-known stories to announce his return to Hollywood gossip.

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“Hello Instasism, how are you? Welcome to Instantula. Good morning, my furry little cats, I miss you so much, I feel like a lifetime has passed, but hey, here I am. It’s been two weeks since I lost all gossipI do not watch any TV but I know I’m going to catch you. So we’ll go back to the more burdensome rumors “,” Introducer Samu said.

He used the opportunity to thank all his followers for all expressions of affection who knew his situation. “It’s been three days since I read your news and I couldn’t respond because I had a way. I am happy because they have shown me that they are my family, my other family”, Samuel Suarez said.

On the other hand, he also recognized the medical staff who treated him when he was in poor health. “A big kiss to my graduates, my Mary help to the techniques of Christians who treated me like a king… they really made me very proud, thank you for your attention, I’m fine with you now ”, Said the journalist.

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Finally, he promised that he would be recharged with Hollywood gossips. “During these two weeks I have been stuffed and I got some rumors and I will not ignore them. Thank you for being here, I love you so much, welcome to the gossip show, I’m so excited … here we go “Samuel Suarez started.

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