Departure from "Sult Bonjour": "I made the right decision" - Gino Soinard

Although his team and audience will miss him and he has been inundated with expressions of affection since his announcement this morning, Gino Soinard is not upset.I decided to leave the animation of Salut Bonjour in June 2024.

He’s questioned himself “once or twice” since he decided after an intense summer of contemplation with his family that after 21 years it was time to get up in the middle of the night and go to work, but to do nothing. He changes his mind.

“I made the right decision. I have years of TV left. I don’t want to leave and be disappointed, bitter. Instead, I’m going to say to myself, what a beauty. Summary I had,” he said RegisterMinutes after TVA broke the news to morning daily viewers.

Mongren is proud of himself

Another great pillar was one of the first to greet him hello helloGuy Mongrain was at the helm of the program from 1991 to 2004.

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“He wrote me a nice message, saying he was proud and that he thought it was a good time for me to leave,” reveals Gino Chouinard, who says he was surprised by the reactions to his announced departure.

Photo QMI Agency, Mario BEAUREGARD

“I feel like I’m at my own funeral,” he jokes. “People say a lot of things to me that I don’t think about me. I don’t think I’m the most useful person for the team, I’m the one who protects them, brings them together, lets them shine. I don’t have that mindset. It surprises me and touching me

Mental burden

In his on-air message, Gino Chouinard recalled hosting a morning show hello hello Cory was.

At what stage?

“I can measure it in terms of working time and mental load. In hours, 9 to 10 hours are spent preparing or delivering the show. On the other hand, I am always connected to the potential content. In a week, I can send 8 to 10 messages to my team on potential topics. The next day for the show. I’m still in a thinking state.This mental load adds up to fifty hours of programming.

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Over the next 18 months, Gino Chouinard will be business as usual, but expect it to be more emotional when his contract expires in June 2024.

He did not want to get ahead of himself in choosing his successor. It can be a woman or a man, the key is to find the right person, he says.

“I think I needed someone to consolidate what I was. I haven’t fought in 20 years hello hello, not even a clue. It takes someone at the viewer’s service, his team, and at TVA’s service.

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