The Dutch protest the arrival of refugees from Afghanistan

According to local media, the protest, which took place on Tuesday evening, was initially peaceful. Residents of the village of Harskamp, ​​in Eddy Common, objected to the sheltering of some 800 Afghan refugees in a military camp in the village.

The demonstrators chanted “Locals first!” , “Harriscamp us!” , “Get out of here!” According to De Telegraaf, young men from neighboring towns participated in the demonstration.

At about 10 pm, the situation got out of hand. Demonstrators set tires on fire and the car caught fire. The police with dogs and the military police were forced to intervene. There is no information on the injured.

The military base in Harskamp is the third reception site for Afghan refugees in the Netherlands. The other two are located in Zoutkamp in the north of the country and Zeist in the center of the Netherlands.

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