Millennium Bank is failing.  Problems with the application on the phone

Millennium Bank is experiencing mobile app failures – according to a growing number of reports on the downdetector website. Although the number of reports indicates that not all customers are affected, the number of reports has been steadily increasing since 11:00 and the issue has not yet been resolved.

Bank Millennium customers may experience issues using mobile banking in the mobile app. As evidenced by the ever-increasing number of reports on the downdetector website From around 11:00 AM, the number of reports from almost all parts of Poland increases significantly, with millennial customers reporting issues with mobile banking. A minority of reports relate to logging into online banking.

At this point, it is difficult to estimate how long the unrest will last. Applications have been received so far Among other cities, Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz and Tricity. However, there is no message on social media or on the Millennium Bank website explaining this inconvenience. Therefore customers must be patient.

There are ongoing problems with Millennium Bank© Down Detector

Judging by the relatively small volume of reports, the flaw may be limited to some functions of the mobile application only. A comment on downdetector suggests that the issue is related to Blik support.

Oscar Ziomek, editor-in-chief of

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