Salaries in trade in 2022. How much will the employees of Biedronka and other chains earn?

A year ago at this time, Pedronka only announced the plan of increases. Now it is announced by most of the large networks. The increases will be, but on a smaller scale than before the pandemic, although trade has shown a recovery. According to data from the Polish Central Statistical Office, from January to November 2021, retail sales increased by 7.7% year on year, compared to a decrease of 3.1%. In 2020 compared to 2019

Before Christmas, Biedronka announced an increase in total wages from 200 to 250 PLN for employees of stores and distribution centers. Thus, salaries in the network will be at the total level of PLN 3,460 (junior cashier) – total PLN 5,100 (junior store manager). The increases are similar to those in 2020, but lower than they were before the pandemic. At that time, it ranged from PLN 100 to PLN 350 total in stores and PLN 150 to PLN 500 total in distribution centers.

The largest discount network was followed by other companies. However, most of them do not want to talk about the scale of wage growth. – Increases are made for all employees in warehouses, distribution centers and office employees. However, the company will inform the team directly about its value – says Anna Golinowska, director of the Aldi HR region in Poland.

At the Kaufland Network, according to Magorzata Schönick, Director of Human Resources, the increases will be applied to selected positions. – Currently, we are at the forefront of retail chains in terms of remuneration, whose total in the position of cashier, depending on the length of service and location, reaches 4100 PLN per month – assures.

However, there are companies in which the increase is dictated by the increase in the minimum wage (in 2022 it will reach a total of 3010 PLN). An example is Netto, where the starting salary of a salesperson, without bonus, ranges from PLN 3,010 to PLN 3,650 gross from the new year. However, it can be increased every month by an attendance allowance, and after three and five years – by a training allowance.

– When it comes to the position of store manager, the monthly starting wage after the change is from PLN 4760 to PLN 5350 gross. It can be increased with a score bonus, which is 20 percent. Basic salary. Employees in managerial positions are also subject to the system of annual increases related to the annual evaluation – says Partiga Kamesca, Director of Public Relations at Netto Polska.

Our unofficial information shows that Lidl employees will also be able to count on wage changes, although the network does not want to talk about the scale at the moment. If so, it will be March as usual. In 2021, salaries were increased from PLN 150 to PLN 200. Thanks to them, store employees who started their career earn from PLN 3,550 to PLN 4,350 in total.

The demand for employees in trade is not only decreasing but will continue to grow. It is estimated that the largest chains will open this year about two thousand. New facilities. In addition to salary increases, non-wage benefits are becoming more common, such as a permanent online shopping discount, Christmas benefits, jubilee prizes, special Medicare, group insurance on preferential terms, and a cover for every employee who becomes a parent.

According to Agnieszka Pietrasik, CEO of Hays Recruitment Company, they are mainly looking for sellers, people to help in the store, warehouse workers and specialists in technical departments. Due to the changes caused by the epidemic, employees, who work mainly in shopping centers, have decided to look for work in other sectors of the market and are not eager to return. Agnieszka Pietrasik adds that employees in customer service in stores located in shopping centers (by 20-30 percent) and e-commerce professionals (by 15-20 percent) can count on the largest salary increases.

Netto already has about 300 vacancies, and it just wants to open more or less 50 stores by the end of the first quarter. Kaufland will open six new stores by the end of February, and Aldi, with 200 locations, wants to open 60 stores annually. New stores are also planned by Biedronka, which opens more than 100 of them annually, and abka, which opens about 1000 of them.

Experts assert that the smaller scale of the increases compared to before the pandemic is a result of the many burdens networks are facing. In the past few years alone, nearly 20 of them have been affected by industry, including trade tax. In 2022, there will be, among others, a minimum income tax (under Polish rule), digital taxes, a carbon tax, and fees resulting from the implementation of the environmental legislation package.

This escalation of burdens negatively affects the profitability of the industry and its investments. No one can forget the record increase in inflation – comments Renata Guskewicz, head of the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization.

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