Military coup in Burkina Faso

It was the second coup in just eight months in an unstable West African country struggling with increased jihadist activity.

Traore announced himself as the new captain Burkina Faso. He said that a group of rebel officers decided to oust Damiba because he “could not tolerate the deteriorating situation in the country due to the growing activity of extremist Islamic groups”.

Damiba has been in power since January of this year. When he ousted democratically elected President Rosh Kabore, partly – as he accused him – for the same reasons.

The new leader ordered the suspension of the constitution, closing the borders and banning the activity of all political parties and social organizations. He called on residents to “remain calm and return to their activities.”

The Economic Community of West African States condemned the coup in Burkina Faso, stating that it came at a time when the country was making progress towards restoring democratic rule.

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