RDR2: The fan has lost nearly 6000 hours in Stadia, and requires character transfer
September 30, 2022, 21:45

Red Dead Online player has a problem – as a result of Google Stadia filtering, he may lose six thousand hours of playing. The Internet user asks Rockstar to transfer the character.

Image source: Rockstar Games.

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Developers say goodbye Google conducted with regret and sadness. Players aren’t necessarily – although one does lament the imminent demise of the Mountain View streaming service. This is a Twitter user with the nickname Color (ItsColourTV) who I used Stadia to play it Red Dead Online. over the years spend At this address, nearly six thousand hoursNow he is afraid to lose all the progress he has made.

RDR2 fan lost nearly 6000 hours in Stadia, requires character transfer - Illustration #1

Source: Twitter / Color.

Thus, the problem stems from the fact that RDO – exactly like GTA Online – Do not offer jobs via play. In other words, players on PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Stadia can’t count on having fun together, as that’s only possible on the company’s platforms.

Color admitted that he was “angry” and Asked studio rock games o Transfer characters for one timeSo he can run it on a different platform. The Twitter community supported his wish, but it’s hard to say if Rockstar will do anything about it.

RDR2 fan lost nearly 6000 hours in Stadia, requires character transfer - Illustration #2

Source: Twitter / Color.

Interestingly, some studies have already taken steps regarding the imminent death of Google Stadia and the possible loss of player progress. A good example of that Interactive IOWhich announce Today on Twitter that runs on Stadia fans Assassin You don’t have to worry about losing their progress.

RDR2 fan lost nearly 6000 hours in Stadia, requires character transfer - Illustration #3

Source: Twitter / IO Interactive.

It is worth noting here that The culprits in this case are not necessarily developers, but … equipment manufacturers, including Sonywho – how we learned Among the documents revealed during a court trial between Epic Games and Apple – it required game developers to pay additional money in connection with the implementation of the cross-play functionality on PS4.

Shortly after this information was released, PlayStation Brand President Jim Ryan confirmedThat SIE wants to play across platforms in more games for its consoles. However, last year there were no significant changes in this matter – Cross-play is available in twenty-fifth if Battlefield 2042Thanks to the company electronic arts.

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