Poll: Poland tops the rating of sympathy among Ukrainians.  Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President Andrzej Duda and US President Joe Biden are leaders in the ranking of sympathy for foreign leaders

Poland is the leader in the ranking of sympathy among Ukrainians, according to a survey conducted by the Ukrainian Razumkov Center. 94% positive attitude towards our country. to survey. Great Britain was next.

Dutch media: Without Polish support, Ukraine would not have survived the war with Russia

Poland is one of the countries that provided Ukraine with the greatest support in repelling Russian aggression – Comments on the visit of the Ukrainian President …

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When asked about their attitude towards other countries, the largest number of respondents had a positive attitude towards Poland (94%), Great Britain (91%), Lithuania (91%), Estonia (90%) and Latvia (90%). Canada (90%).

“There are no barriers between the Ukrainian and Polish hearts” – here you can read how President Zelensky summed up his visit to Warsaw.

A negative attitude was expressed by the majority of respondents towards Russia (94%), Belarus (81%), Iran (73.5%), China (60%) and Hungary (46.5%).

The same poll shows that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President Andriy Duda and US President Joe Biden are leaders in ranking sympathy for foreign leaders among Ukrainians.

2020 respondents over the age of 18 participated in the study. The statistical error is only 2.3 percent, although the authors note that the results may have been affected by the effects of Russian aggression, such as the forced eviction of millions of residents. The survey was conducted in February and March of this year. In all regions of Ukraine, with the exception of the temporarily occupied territories and areas affected by military operations.

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