Mick Jagger positive for Govt-19 at 78 years old

Mick Jagger, 78, has a positive test for Covit-19, which led to the cancellation of a scheduled Rolling Stones concert in Amsterdam on Monday night, organizers and band have announced, promising a new date will be announced.

“Singer Mick Jagger has been diagnosed with Covit-19 and has left the venue,” organizers announced on their website. They added that “the show was canceled tonight” at the Johann Groof Arena in Amsterdam.

Mick Jagger apologized for canceling the concert “on such short notice” on his Twitter account and promised to end the new date soon.

“The safety of the public, other musicians and the touring crew should be a priority,” the group said on its Twitter account, “deeply sorry.”

Purchased tickets are valid until the new date.

The Rolling Stones embarked on a European tour celebrating their 60th anniversary in Madrid in early June, ending on July 31 after 14 concerts in ten countries in principle. That should take them to Milan, London, Brussels or Liverpool, where they have not played for 50 years.

The Stones’ birth certificate was set by rock critics during their first show in July 1962 in Marquee, London.

Loaded with codes for the 2022 team. In addition to his 60th birthday, he is also celebrating the 50th birthday of one of his iconic albums. Deportation on the main street.

The tour was made without the historic drummer Charlie Watts, who died in 2021, and was replaced by newcomer Steve Jordan.

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