Kim Kardashian is killing the web with a new Photoshop fail: “Is she floating?”, “Where are her toes?”

Kim Kardashian is constantly singled out by internet users for sometimes misusing Photoshop for her Instagram photos. If we understand the desire to appear in her best light on social networks, the reality TV star sometimes goes a little too far in the search for a perfect body. One day her navel mysteriously disappeared, another time her trapezius muscle was destroyed, etc. Kim K should consider switching designers because she gets caught so often!

Has Kim Kardashian Abused Photoshop Yet?

His latest Photoshop debacle has made the internet buzz again. Since Sunday, December 25, Kanye West’s ex has been filling her Instagram account with photos from the Kardashians’ big Christmas party. Kim Kardashian is rocking clichés as she reverts to her natural color for the occasion. Bye bye blonde, she is Turned brown again. But this is not the only thing that is very much commented on. The 42-year-old businessman posted a series of photos with his mother and sisters, who were badly photoshopped to hurt eyes.

In a group photo of the Kardashian clan, all faces seem retouched: smooth and refined. We have never seen such triangular cheeks! But what made netizens die of laughter was that Khloe, Kim, Kris Jenner, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall didn’t appear to pose together for this family portrait. Were they stitched together by Photoshop magic, added one by one from individual photos? This is often done in the entertainment industry so that each person has a better profile to immortalize. Kylie Jenner Thus it seems to have been placed there. such as Kendall JennerHer shoes and part of her feet are missing and she is magically floating in the air!

Internet users are up in arms

Of course, Kendall’s legs can be given this impression by being hidden behind the black train of Kylie’s dress. But the offering is so weird that it’s out of the question. In another group shot, Kris Jenner appears to have a translucent shoulder pad that allows Kendall Jenner to see through. Internet users had a lot of fun with this debacle. “You’re all photoshopped into the picture,” “Is Kendall floating?” », « Where are Kendall’s toes », « Did you all forget to take a picture together? “, “Where are Kendall’s shoes”, “Khloss’s face is completely redone”, “Kylie added”, “I guess Kylie isn’t really there”Can we read specifically under Kim Kardashian’s publication.

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