Thus, Capitol-National, Saudier-Appalachians, Estri, Lanadier, Laurentians, Laval, Montreux, Montreal and Outlays abandoned yellow to switch to green, an “awareness” state.

Satisfied with the epidemiological situation and the pace of the COVID-19 vaccine campaign, the Franois Legalt government is, of course, with its restructuring schedule.

But who is not saying that the Green Zone is “back to normal”: controls are in effect beyond everything. Here is an overview.

Indoor and outdoor assemblies

Friends and family of different addresses can meet 10 indoors and 20 outdoors. This limit may be exceeded if the caller does not receive more than three addresses.

Fully vaccinated (two doses or one dose in case of already infected with COVID-19) No need to wear a mask anymore In the same private meeting. If the physical distance cannot be observed then others must continue to do so.

Places of worship

The maximum number of participants in places of worship is set at 250, and believers must respect a distance of at least two meters from others, unless they are part of the same bubble. During the tattoo phase, you can remove the sitting mask once if you are not singing.

For weddings, 250 people can enter places of worship (compared to 50 in the Yellow Zone). However, the reception is limited to 25 guests if you walk inside the house and 50 guests if you walk outside.

The same rules apply to funerals (250 approved) except that everyone can express their condolences by following a policy of turning 50 people inside at the same time.

Quebec goes into a green zone

Restaurants, Bars and Casinos

In the zone Improved tattoo, A maximum of 20 people can now meet on the terrace (compared to the previous 10), which should make the industry happy as the Stanley Cup and Euro start their last rights.

Inside, tables can be up to 10 people or residents in three apartments. The customer record must be kept constant.

Casinos and bars should follow these guidelines. Closing time is 2am and liquor sales should stop at midnight.

These companies must continue to operate at half their capacity and ban dance and karaoke.

A man climbs on a table to celebrate a Canadian goal.

Technically, dancing in a bar is forbidden (even to celebrate the goal of Montreal Canadians).

Photo: Radio-Canada

Arts and Entertainment

More than 250 people can stay in movie theaters. The forced mask can be removed while sitting. Significantly, the 1.5 m distance to be observed is lateral, which means it is no longer necessary to free every other row.

Drive-ups of up to 3,500 spectators will be allowed if a distance of 1.5 m between cars is possible.

If the audience can be divided into zones of 250 spectators, the large indoor performance halls can accommodate up to 3,500 people.

Outdoor concerts must respect the same ability, without allocating seats, to be able to enforce distance rules. Wearing a face card is recommended.

He was shot below the football player's knees.

Matches may start again recently.

Photo: iStock

Games and leisure

Outdoor activities have the potential to bring together a maximum of 50 players (which was 25 in the yellow zone). Short-term communication is possible if it is short-lived. Competitions and contests with spectators are allowed (with the same guidelines for festivals).

Up to 25 people, including officers, staff and volunteers, are allowed indoor, sports and team lessons. Up to 25 spectators can attend a stage.

In gymnasiums, private lessons are possible for residents of two or more apartments. In these places, as with keeping a record, it is mandatory to cover the face while traveling.

After that?

Once the vaccine target has been reached, 75% of those who have been vaccinated, aged 12 and over, will be able to report further relaxation in the summer – variants of the corona virus, which are no longer contagious, blocking programs.

Alain Bourier, regional director of public health at CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS, reminded that people should not delay getting the second and last vaccine against COVID-19 so that Quebec can continue to deconfire.

To be well protected, you need to be vaccinated, he explains the material. Especially when Delta variant, First identified in India, is “on our doorstep” and fears the country’s dire situation.

In two doses of the vaccine, protection is adequate, but in one dose, This is not as good as the other types we had before, Similar to the alpha found in the United Kingdom, underscores Dr. Fourier.

If all goes well, by the end of August the Quebecans will be able to tell students and their teachers what kind of school they are waiting for, how quickly they will be able to return to work face to face, and when the interior rooms will be fully operational. Any karaoke will be recognized again.

Evolution of COVID-19 per hour.
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