Boris Johnson's government wants to break Brexit law.  The European Commission threatens a lawsuit.  'big concern'

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Before Boris Johnson entered politics, he made up fake news

The Vice-President of the European Commission, Maros Zivkovic, stressed that “renegotiation of the protocol is unrealistic.” “This will create legal uncertainty for people and businesses in Northern Ireland,” he stressed, adding that there was no alternative to the prepared deal enshrined in the Brexit deal. “After countless hours of intense and detailed negotiations, this was the only solution,” he said.

The Vice-President of the European Commission also said that unilateral measures harm mutual trust. He stressed that the EU wants to have good and stable relations with Great Britain, but that it must be based on full respect for legally binding mutual obligations. He announced the continuation of encroachment proceedings against Great Britain, which might end in a suit at the Luxembourg Court of Justice.

We note with great concern the decision of the UK Government today to propose legislation that does not apply the essential elements of the Protocol. Unilateral actions harm mutual trust

– pointed out.

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“Europe must face Russia together. Instead, we must respond to breaking the law.”

Meanwhile, London continues to ensure that it wants an agreement with the European Union, but has reservations that it must respond to the problems in the region now. – the union refused to amend the protocol which caused problems with trade, taxes More so, said the head of British diplomacy, Liz Truss. – Not a problem. The protocol creates unnecessary barriers to trade between the region and the rest of the kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson argues that we can fix it.

But Dublin sees it differently. You must face Europe together Russia. Instead, we respond to breaking the law. Because it cannot be described in any other way – this was stated by Simon Coveney, the head of Irish diplomacy.

London would like, among other things, a “green channel” – there is no control over goods which, after arriving in Northern Ireland, do not go to Republics, that is, in the EU market, as well as abolishing the role of the European Court of Justice. It will be replaced by independent arbitration.

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Johnson describes the protocol as ‘successful’

Cautious contentment was declared by the Irish Democratic Unionist Party – the largest unitary party. According to leader Jeffrey Donaldson, this is an opportunity to protect the vulnerability of those people in the region who wish to maintain relations with London. ‘Illegal action’ and breach of the Good Friday Agreement – that’s what the British government is doing, however, is made clear by Michelle O’Neill, vice president of Sinn Feinn, a group on the other side of the barrier that wants End British rule in the region.

Polls show that the protocol has been approved by the majority of people in Northern Ireland. They do not support Brexit, Lisa Witten, a researcher at Queen’s University Belfast, said in an interview with Polish radio. According to research, the protocol is supported by about 52 percent. Of respondents, about 41 percent disagree. But the majority of unionists say “no” to his clauses, and the gist of the region’s complex political system is that neither of the two major groups should feel disadvantaged.

It was Boris Johnson’s government that negotiated the protocol and called it a success. However, according to him, the European Union interprets its provisions very strictly. Hardline Brexiteers in his party are delighted with the changes. But, as the Financial Times writes, some moderate right-wing politicians argue that the idea is to “deny conservative values” and violate the law. Boris Johnson’s position weakened after the so-called Party Gate. He must balance the camps in his party. Therefore, the bill may be changed in Parliament. It will likely be several months before it becomes law.

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