Michael Richard categorically refuses Melanie Maynard’s gift

During his visit Sweet salt On Tuesday evening, the Quebec star, Michel Richard, told many aspects of his life, especially since he left Saint-Sauveur for his new haven of peace.

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Throughout the interview, the person who shines in his own documentary, presented Joel LegendreIt discussed the many sacrifices she had to make during her career, including having children, and most importantly, saying goodbye to her personal life.

Now away from the art scene by choice, the 77-year-old singer admits she only travels for genuine occasions as she feels she is in “heaven” in her new home.

At the end of the interview, it was Melanie MaynardIt has already wrapped up the shooting of its first season Sweet saltIt was he who decided to give the “hostess gift” to the big woman who was admired by many Quebecers.

However, it looks like it’s a decision Melanie Maynard regrets, judging by Michael Richard’s absolutely hilarious reaction.

Screenshot / Sweet & Salty

In fact, the singer stubbornly refused Melanie’s gift, which consisted of two pairs of Crocs: a pair of luxury ones with a fur collar, which Melanie Maynard thought the singer would like, and another pair covered in sequins.

Screenshot / Sweet & Salty

“I wouldn’t even wear this to the bank!” she replied, her sense of humor sarcastic and cold.

Screenshot / Sweet & Salty

“You’re crazy!” she added with absolute glee.

Screenshot / Sweet & Salty

“I wear sandals to the bank, but not this,” he added, prompting a hearty laugh from the host, visibly surprised.

Screenshot / Sweet & Salty

“That’s where you don’t understand!”

A very funny TV moment!

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