Two men were charged with the murder of Daniel Langlois and his accomplice

A neighbor of Daniel Langlois, the Quebec businessman killed in Dominica along with his accomplice Dominique Marchand was finally charged with murder on Tuesday, along with another suspect.

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The prosecutor in charge of the case told the QMI agency on Tuesday evening that Jonathan Lehrer, the owner of the Bois Cotlette chocolate factory, and one of his accomplices should return to court on Wednesday to answer the charges.

Dominica police said a man ambushed and killed Daniel Langlois and Dominique Marchant, who managed the Coulibri Hotel, before setting their car on fire. Their burnt-out car was found by police in Galleon last Friday, while their families were notified of the deaths on Saturday.

Where the couple’s burnt-out car was found.

Clyde JNO Baptist/QMI Agency

MM Langlois and Lehrer had a dispute over the use of the Morne Rouge public road that ran through the chocolatier estate. That battle reached the island’s Supreme Court, which in 2019 ruled that Road General and Mr. Determined to be used by guests of Langlois.

Two men were charged with the murder of Daniel Langlois and his accomplice

Clyde JNO Baptist/QMI Agency

The case is being led by Director of Public Prosecutions Sharma Dalrymple.

On Monday, Public Safety Minister Raeburn Blackmoore pledged that Dominica would do everything to ensure those responsible for the deaths of the two Quebecers are brought to justice.

Anger after the death of two “icons”.

Residents of Soufrière met by the QMI agency on Tuesday expressed their “shock and anger”, referring to the “brutal and heartless” killings of two “social icons”.

The mother-of-six, who worked at the Coulibri Hotel for six years, said she owed the couple a debt of gratitude.

“They were an inspiration to all of us. We want justice to bring Jonathan to us so we can take care of him. The community is in crisis and we want to take care of him ourselves,” said the woman, who wished to remain anonymous.

“We don’t want him to go to jail and be fed by our taxes and Daniel and Dominic’s taxes,” he added.

Two men were charged with the murder of Daniel Langlois and his accomplice

Clyde JNO Baptist/QMI Agency

His sentiment was shared by other villagers. “The community is suffering, we can’t work, we’ve lost two good people, the community would be poorer without them,” commented another resident of Soufrière.

Director of Soufrière Elementary School, which was rebuilt after the hurricane Maria In 2017, thanks to the help of Daniel Langlois, his death was also mourned.

“He was really instrumental in the rehabilitation of the Soufrière primary school, where more than 1 million was invested,” said Eriksen Degallaire.

“I must say that the work was done brilliantly with unprecedented quality materials. Even better was the addition of solar panels, so when the power goes out, the panels take over and the school will never run out of power. He did so much good for the school. He and his partner came to such a conclusion. It’s unfortunate,” the director continued.

Two men were charged with the murder of Daniel Langlois and his accomplice

Clyde JNO Baptist/QMI Agency

The small community of Galion of about 150 people, including many employees of the Coulibri Hotel, was shocked by the deaths of the two Quebecers.

“We have all benefited from Daniel and Dominique. All the children in our secondary school have benefited from the couple’s kindness, and everyone in Galion has already worked at Coulibri Hotel,” said a resident of the community through tears.

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