Michael Jordan is firm about his son’s relationship with Pepin’s ex-wife

Michael Jordan’s son is happy with Scottie Pippen’s ex

Larsa Pippen has been dating Marcus Jordan since September 2022. The 48-year-old fell in love with Michael Jordan’s son, who is 16 years younger than him, and is vocal about their relationship. The businesswoman believes that love knows no age and is happy with the son of the legend, who does not hide the fact that he is fine with the 48-year-old.

The lovers often post joint pictures and relationships on their social media and also participated in several podcasts in which they talked about their relationship.

Pippen was married to basketball legend Scottie Pippen for 20 years before dating Marcus Jordan. The couple had four children together. However, the American got tired of her marriage to the athlete and filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2021.

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Michael Jordan does not support his son’s relationship with the 48-year-old Pippen

Former NBA basketball player Michael Jordan, during a visit to Paris, was asked by a reporter about his 32-year-old son’s relationship with 48-year-old Larissa Pippen. The former Chicago Bulls player, who in February this year. At 60, he admitted that he did not support this union.

“Do you support Marcus’ relationship with Larsa Pippen?” a reporter asked the basketball legend. Jordan replied, “No,” and shook his head, according to the Spanish “Marca.”

Much has been written about the relationship between Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen. The father of the 32-year-old has openly admitted that he does not like this relationship…

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