One moment the celebration of Euro 2024 was brutally stopped
  • Germany beat Scotland 5-1 to open the European Championship. The atmosphere was great in the stands
  • It is assumed that up to 150 thousand people flew to Germany. Scots. They have great fun and involve others in the fun
  • Fans of both teams had fun even before the match and even the train breakdown did not bother them
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Maciej Kaliszczuk from Munich

Few people can have a good time like the Scots. The fans there took over downtown Munich. It is assumed that up to 150 thousand people flew to Bavaria. Fans from this part of the UK. Naturally, most of them were unable to enter the match because they did not have tickets, but that did not prevent them from having fun.

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They wore special skirts, special skirts, sang all the time, drank loads of beer and had a good time. They were not aggressive, and Germans and other nationalities willingly joined in the fun.

Also on the way to the match, fans of both teams drove side by side in unison. The Scots were getting louder on the train again. At one point, the line stopped for a long time because another train broke down and the tracks were closed, but the crowds did not mind the extended stop.

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