The former captain of the national team gives points to the Poles in Euro 2024: Look and there is a gap

The opening match, the all-rounder, and the match of honor – the history of Poles’ performances in major tournaments in the 21st century is almost the same. Almost, because Euro 2016 is the best tournament, where Adam Navalka’s side reached the quarter-finals. There’s also the recent World Cup in Qatar, where Czeslaw Mishnjevic’s side qualified from the group, but in style no one wants to remember.

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Piotr Świerczewski speaks live before the match against France

Now in Germany, Michel Proppers’ side lost to the Netherlands 1:2, then were beaten by Austria (1:3) and now only have to face favorites France on Tuesday. And return home, because no result will allow the Poles to advance.

– I don’t have high expectations before this match. France is a very strong team, and of course in sports, the favorite does not always win, but we are playing against a champion candidate. So let’s try to play a nice game, maybe there will be discoveries – Świerczewski does not set a high bar for the team, but he is already thinking about the coming months. However, he believes that no one can be written off, especially Coach Probers.

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